Neo-Atlantis, 2112. The City on the Sea is a modular man-made island; acting as the seat of power for the monolithic Kraken Technologies.

Kraken itself is a AAA mega-corporation that stands at this time greater than any individual world power. It is the engine that is responsible for most if not every technological milestone that’s taken place over the last century. Among the many districts built in this aquacology; District 2 exists as a unique blemish within what might otherwise be considered a Utopian city. Dubbed ‘Arcadia’, it has survived the onslaught of refugees from a crumbling outside world as well as the resulting civil war that would culminate in an event that would change Neo-Atlantis forever… leaving Arcadia as little more then an ungoverned sprawl.

In the world of Cybernautica, synthetic life mixes with natural born humanity. Displaced citizenry mingle with illegals and rogue factions struggle for influence and power. All the while Kraken toils above it all; omnipotent yet wholly indifferent to the struggles on the streets below the towering center of the city known as ‘The Core’.

Each ten episode season of this story will focus on a new yet interconnected tale as we seek to reveal this original cyberpunk world to you, piece by piece. Wave after wave.

Welcome to Neo-Atlantis.

What are listeners saying about cybernautica?

“I always need more cyberpunk, and Cybernautica absolutely delivers with the world of Neo-Atlantis, powered by a mega-corp called Kraken, and splintered into Districts. There’s been civil wars, refugees, rogue factions fighting for power.This sprawling world comes through in Cybernautica’s design and performances, an evocative and seamless sensation of place and person melded together.”

- Elena Fernández Collins, Bello Collective

“The world of Neo Atlantis is already so vivid, it must be why I’m drowning in some of the best writing, sound design, & voice acting in fiction podcasts right now! (and THE MUSIC, my god, the music) — subscribe now and dive in with me ?””

- Young Like Me

“Impressive worldbuilding, a relatable main character, marvellous music, sound design and stellar acting - not to mention the artwork that was what made me subscribe in the first place - well, you get it all in this show. Prepare to dive in to the world of Neo-Atlantis!”

- Gitte Malene Jensen

“I first came across Cybernautica when the Creator and I were both in Sarah Rhea Werner’s podcast marketing class. I'm so impressed by it and I'm loving the story!”

- Michelle Booze


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Breakwall - 4.5 - Old Blood

Ripples and fate

Breakwall - Episode 4.5 - Waylon seeks to confront Nick after concluding his work with Jonny. SHOW NOTES

Breakwall - Intermission

A word from the team

Damian briefly speaks about the show, the future and International Podcast Month. This episode will be removed from the feed when episode 5.0 launches so as not to interrupt the audio drama experience. SHOW NOTES

Breakwall - 4.0 - Dead Memories

whispers From the deep

Breakwall - 4.0 - Breakwall - Episode 4.0 - Jonny and Waylon find themselves in Waylon's flightcar on the tail of their meeting, heading towards their job. SHOW NOTES

Breakwall - 3.5 - Metaphors

THE taste of victory

Breakwall - Minisode 3.5 - Evan cashes in on his bet and enjoys the spoils of victory at The Rails. SHOW NOTES

Breakwall - 3.0 - Between the Waves

Blackout Day

Breakwall - 3.0 - Jonny returns to the Albatross to collect payment from the Gunrunners only to discover that her contact has different ideas. SHOW NOTES

Breakwall - 2.5 - Building a Betrayal

A new deal

Breakwall - Minisode 2.5 - The Gunrunners have indeed gotten the itch as they wait for Jonny to arrive back at the Albatross following the successful job. SHOW NOTES

Breakwall - 2.0 - Gold, Ashes and Sea

Escape from the zone

Breakwall - Episode 2.0 - Can Jonny and crew get out of the De-militarized zone with their precious bonus intact? SHOW NOTES

Breakwall - 1.5 - Olivia’s Odyssey

Lost at sea

2099, Somewhere on the North Atlantis Ocean. Olivia’s Audio Log. SHOW NOTES

Breakwall - 1.0 - The Caprican Job

From Arcadia with love

Breakwall - Episode 01, 'The Caprican Job'. Welcome to Neo-Atlantis. SHOW NOTES

Breakwall - 0.5 - Evan and Ella

Lunch at the Rails

Wannabe mercs Evan and Ella pour over footage that leads Jonny to the events to come in Episode 01, 'The Caprican Job'. SHOW NOTES

Just Jonny - Prelude

Look to the Sea

Second Trailer for our first season and a look into our lead character, Jonny. SHOW NOTES

Breakwall Trailer 01


Trailer for our first season, Cybernautica: Breakwall. SHOW NOTES