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Cybernautica is a cyberpunk audio drama podcast taking place in a futuristic, corporately built ‘City on the Sea’ named Neo-Atlantis. We pace a full cast of voice actors along with a narrator in an effort to bring this unique world to life in a cinematic-like style.

Important Information

Directories: Spotify, iTunes & Google


Schedule: Monthly, 10 episode seasons with a short stand alone ‘prelude’ in between each release.

Accessibility: Full transcripts available on our website in show notes.


Twitter: @cybernauticapod


Studio Name: Red Fathom Entertainment


Long Summary

This show is set to be a collection of stories; each with a season dedicated to a specific arc that will see it's protagonists navigate the perils of Neo-Atlantis and the world of Cybernautica in the year 2112. As an elevator pitch, the world of Cybernautica might best be described as Blade Runner meets the Art Deco style of Bioshock.

Our first season, Breakwall, follows a rough and tumble mercenary named Jonny as she navigates the Underworld of Neo-Atlantis’ renegade Arcadian District. She is joined by a cast of androids and ‘synthetic’ humans to introduce and immerse the listener in this fully realized cyberpunk world.

Short Summary

A serial full cast audio drama that takes place on the streets of the cyberpunk-deco 'City on the Sea', Neo-Atlantis and showcases the trials and misadventures of those who live there.

Cast and Crew (With Twitter Social Media)

Abigail Turner as Jonny - @abigailturnervo

Travis Storey as Evan - @TravyTravVA

Madeline Dorroh as Ella - @madelinedorroh

Alexander Doddy as Nick Ballard - @Alex_Doddy

Aubrey Poppleton as Gunrunner - @poppletron

Forenza as Derby Bell - @forenzaAsmr

Luke Alphonso as Waylon - @AlphonsoLuke

Veronica Pierce as Estella Morgan - @vpierce77

Amy Newark as Olivia - @AmyNewark

Dan Boud as Narrator - @JustLikeLoud

Script Editor - Jupiter Sanders - @MarySueSnow1

Written and Produced by Damian Szydlo - @cybernauticapod

Trailer: Updated Trailer Coming Soon to the Press Pack

Branding Info

Color Palette

Eton Blue - 88cca7

Viridian - 428c66

Licorice - 131515

Saffron - f7b32b


Title Font: Caviar Dreams (Included in Press Pack)

Secondary Fonts: Roboto Slab & Roboto Mono


Opening Music: Light Years Away by Doug Maxwell


Though Cybernautica does not endeavor to be offensive or overly graphic it is rated explicit due to occasional swearing, cinematic violence and possibly triggering themes. Neo-Atlantis can be a tough place but we will always attempt to keep our listeners from harm and unnecessary discomfort. That said, it is wise to consider the show Rated R and thus not suitable for children -  listener discretion is advised.