Breakwall Trailer 01

Welcome to Neo-Atlantis. 

This is the second of two trailers for our first season, Breakwall. In it you'll get to hear the first of Jonny's audio recordings before the events of Breakwall even begin. Follow us on Twitter for much more as we lead up and into our January 25th, 2019 release. Please visit our website for transcripts.



Abigail Turner as Jonny

Music and Sound Effects from Syrinscape & Audioblocks




[Recording device clicks and malfunctions.]

“Is this thing on? God damned jinxed up old tech. Alright, fuck it. Maybe I should start again.

I’m Jonny. Just… Jonny. My family and I came over the Arcadian Breakwall in twenty ninety-nine with what I’m pretty sure was the last boatload of illegals that drifted here from Scotland. What a mess that was. Entire world had gone right to hell, except for Neo-Atlantis. At least that was the dream. Wasn’t easy, gettin’ by. Lost both of my folks in the climb, spent some years on my own in the Arcadian district before getting taken in by an old KT First-Line android named Revik. This is…. going take some getting used to… bit I think it’s worth it. Mercs like me die every day and get washed away. Just another dead opportunist. I want something for you to remember me by if that happens.  Don’t want to end up as just more chum through the grinder that is this city.”

[Recording device clicks off.]


Season One of Cybernautica, code named Breakwall, will begin on January 25th, 2019. To keep up to date, follow us on twitter @cybernauticapod and look for an official prelude to the episode sometime between now and then. We hope you’ve enjoyed the sneak peak into the mind of our lead character, Jonny, and very much look forward to letting you into this world. Welcome, to Neo-Atlantis.