Breakwall - Intermission

A word from the team

Damian briefly speaks about the show, the future and International Podcast Month. This episode will be removed from the feed when episode 5.0 launches so as not to interrupt the audio drama experience. Follow us on Twitter for news and updates. Join us on discord to hang out with cast and crew! Want to support the show? Please check out our Patreon as Cybernautica is 100% Fan Supported!

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Friends of Cybernautica. This is your intermission. I promise that I won’t keep you long, and that this brief interruption to your audio drama experience here will be quick and will self destruct once 5.0 goes live. That said, I wanted to make sure those who don’t follow us on discord or Twitter are up to date on all the awesome things we’ve got going on.

So first off, since this is the first time I’ve done one of these here: for those who don’t know me, I’m Damian! I write and produce Cybernautica. I think I can speak for our entire cast when I say that we all thank you for not only listening but for all the great support you’ve shown out there in the various corners of the internet. We’ve honestly been taken aback and just flattered in regards to how very vocal you’ve been about the show. It’s absolutely inspiring, so keep the comments, ratings and even fan art coming. We can’t get enough of it and feel so very lucky to be doing something that resonates and matters.

You may have noticed that releases got a little slow over the last month or so. I’m relieved to say that this was a temporary setback and is nearly at it’s end. Between summer business and vacations, we’ve found it really challenging to keep to our rough plan to release one minisode and one episode per month. There is also what you don’t see, and I’m excited to cut you in on that. We’ve been busy behind the scenes on our IPM submission. If you don’t know about International Podcast Month, it’s a really cool inititutive that goes down in September, showcasing a bunch of great shows. Not only did we enter with a really cool submission but it turned out to be about half an hour of Cybernautica in the form of a three part stand alone anthology. So even though July and August were a bit slow, September is going to be FULL of Cybernautica stuff. 

Now that the IPM stuff is wrapped and waiting to launch I can get back to writing episode 4.5 and 5.0 - which are turning out to be amazing. Very excited to continue revealing the plot that started to show itself in 4.0. I’m also currently writing our Patreon exclusive bonus episodes. Season 1 is going to have seven bonus episodes that are going to revolve around revealing each of the factions to you, voiced by friend of the show and showrunner of the Neo-Anarchist Podcast, Opti. It’s going to be very cool stuff and is going to directly ride on the tale of what’s going to happen in episode 5.0.

In other Cybernautica news, we have some new art on the way as well as new shirts that will be coming out over the next couple months. If you go to our website at, you can find easy links to our teepublic store. We currently have some cool stuff on there like a ‘The Deal is Done’ shirt, a Kraken shirt, a Breakwall shirt AND recently a Derby Bell inspired phoenix shirt. If shirts aren’t your thing and you want to support the show in a non patreon way we recently finally got our lapel pins up for online purchase. You can find links on our site to those as well but they’re WAY better then they have a right to be. Their the Kraken logo on a hard enamel antique brass finish with a deco inspired border. Really classy, non obvious nerd stuff for the win.

Anyway, I think that’s about it for now! Thanks for sticking with us through the slow months. Make sure to follow us on social media for more about the show AND the RPG that we’re designing to compliment it. Unfortunately we don’t have much to update on that front other then we’re still progressing internal playtesting and development before releasing it for a closed limited playtest before the end of the year.

I’m going to cut myself off. Maybe get myself out to a pub and enjoy both Jonny and my favorite drink, the Hornitos Black Barrel Machete. I’ll see you in Neo-Atlantis.